Innovative Technical Education

GACWR Provides physical, and digital resources/guidance for enabling Member's to advance their careers, and skills

Disrupting Immersive Technical Education

This is the only Digital Academy that teaches immersive hands-on material, enables community-based education, and provides you with the infrastructure to do the work

Membership Benefits

Hands-on experience with topics such as Cyber Security, Computer Science, Data Science, Blockchain/Crypto, Virtual Reality, Electronics, and Building Tech Startups

Range Tools

Our member's have access to an ever-growing ecosystem of our proprietary technologies for the purpose of solving problems, and education

Community Driven

Becoming a part of our community enables you to build, and learn with others both on your level, and beyond

Join our ecosystem

By joining the GACWR, you gain access to our core staff of technologists, and our ever-growing ecosystem of members from all walks of life.